Writing Prompt Pit Stop

Welcome to Writing Stop Pit Stop! Well, this winter is certainly tenacious and relentless! I for one am over it, and I know I’m not alone. As I was driving to my classes yesterday…on yet more slippery roads, and walking through mounds of snow that had been cleared for cars in the parking lot at school, but pushed over some sidewalks making it difficult to maneuver…especially while carrying books, a book bag, and a large cup of coffee without slipping or, worse yet, falling and hurting myself (or just making a humorous spectacle for others) – the phrase that came to mind was “I hate winter!” It’s so easy to make that blanket statement, but I have to remember that I don’t “hate” winter. There are good things that happen in January…February…for example, my youngest daughter, Alison, has a birthday tomorrow – and she has brought me great joy. And, in February, my oldest grandson, Codey, was born…and that is also worth celebrating. Amazingly enough, both births happened without the kind of weather we’re having now. I knew all of the stories of “Blizzard Babies” and such, and had visions of not being able to make it to the hospital in the middle of winter (30 miles away) and living in Indiana, as I did at the time…the odds were pretty good that roads would be slick and hazardous. Both times the road were clear to travel, and I feel really lucky about that!


So, maybe it’s not that I “hate” winter – it’s that I don’t care for the conditions of the roads when one has to travel, and the sidewalks when you have to walk…anywhere…to your car, into school, into the grocery, out your front door….


Anyway, as I was on my way to my creative writing class I decided that a good prompt would be to write about this “hatred” of winter, and actually with both creative writing classes that I assigned it they all came up with some pretty good stuff! For your thirtieth prompt, I’m going to give you the exact same prompt that I gave them in my classes and see what you come up with:

“I Hate Winter, or at Least Despise it a Little!”

1) In your daybook write a list of all the things that you hate about winter. If you’re someone that actually loves winter, then flip it on its head and write a list of what you love about winter.

2) Choose the most interesting thing from your list and write on it for 10 minutes or until you exhaust the subject. This exercise really lends itself to a lot of good imagery…and if you let out how it feels to drive on black ice, to fear you’ve got frostbite, or how it feels to be pregnant during the winter, or of falling on the ice, you can get some really interesting writing – and you’ll probably connect with a lot of others in an audience.

3) You might find that your list itself can be tailored into a “list” poem. If you’ve never written one, give it a try!

4) This exercise can lend itself to all genres, creative nonfiction (memoir), fiction, plays, and of course, poetry. As always, once you have “finished” your writing, remember to revise, revise, and then revise again…!

As with all writing, this “I Hate Winter, or at Least Despise it a Little!” writing should be fun! And I remind you that if you ever want to share any successes or attempts that you get from these prompts, don’t hesitate to let me know. You can contact me here.

Look for another prompt next Wednesday! Until then, keep writing!


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