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Welcome to Writing Prompt Pit Stop! This Sunday is the anniversary of a major milestone in pop culture history: The Beatles’ first U.S. appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. There’s already been quite a bit of talk and a few TV segments honoring this upcoming anniversary, and there’s even a Grammy Beatles Special 50 years to the day, on Sunday, February 9th in tribute. The Beatles had a profound effect on me, for sure – beginning with that magical night. I’ve written a poem about that night simply titled “February 9th, 1964,” and it has been accepted for publication I’m pleased to say. When it it appears I will provide a link to it. However, that’s not the only poem I’ve written about The Beatles, and I didn’t even write “February 9th, 1964,” because of the 50th anniversary this year – I wrote it from the pure love, inspiration, and admiration that I’ve had for the group since that first night I saw them perform and I was 7 years old. I’m still disappointed that my mom wouldn’t take me to the Indiana State Fair that same year to see them in concert!!! (And because of that I took my daughters to see the New Kids on the Block at the height of their popularity so they wouldn’t harbor that same disappointment over not getting to see their pop idols).

For years, it was just a given that I was a Beatles freak – I have all four original Beatles dolls, I still have all of my Beatles bubble gum trading cards, my Beatles lunch box, Beatles coloring books, Beatles pendants and pins, and I have owned all of their 45s, various LPs including Rubber Soul (of which I’ve written about here before), and I own the complete Beatles CD set. As a child I also had my own Beatle boots, and a “mod” hat just like John used to wear. There’s old photos of me playing air guitar… also, I would sit for hours and play DJ with my Beatles records, and organize them in a play list (I am an only child, after all). My cousins and I would play at being “The Beatles,” and the Fab Four were a constant “soundtrack” of my life through my formative years…and still today. As you can tell, The Beatles appear in my writing a lot – whether as a reference, a song title, or a memory.

Here’s my drawing that I sold recently (but I am working on more – check my Lylanne’s Freehand Art blog soon):Image

Beatle Dolls circa 1964

I was heartbroken when they broke up, but still bought all of their solo records and of course Paul’s with his band Wings. I was heartbroken again when John was killed, and then again, when George died. I finally got to see Paul in concert in Indianapolis, which out of all of the concerts that I’ve been to (and I’ve been to hundreds!) is one of the most emotional ones. So what does my love of The Beatles or this 50 year milestone have to do with your writing prompt? Well, if you can’t guess – I’ll tell you…there’s a lot to write about whether you’re a fan or not! Here’s your thirty-second prompt:

“In My Life…” (one of my favorite songs)

1) In your daybook, write about the first time you ever heard or saw The Beatles. Were you one of the fortunate ones that got to see them in 1964 somewhere in concert? Was it later during the Sgt. Pepper’s years? Did you own any of their records, dolls, games, trading cards, etc? What memories do you have of The Beatles during these years? How old were you? What did your family/friends think of them? Even if you’re really young, you (I hope) have heard of The Beatles, so you can participate in this prompt too – just by responding to how you feel about them. And, although, I can’t comprehend it – some people didn’t/don’t like The Beatles – if that’s you, then write about that.

2) Take one of your favorite Beatles songs and use it as a title, a line in a poem, or maybe build a story around it.

3) Which of The Beatles was your favorite? You can certainly write a poem, essay, story, or play that involves him. Start writing!

4) Utilize any of these prompt ideas and write for 10 minutes or until you exhaust the idea. Once you get something written down, then revise it by expanding on what you have or by cutting it down if it needs that, just keep revising it until you’re happy with your result.

As with all writing, this “In My Life…” writing should be fun! And I remind you that if you ever want to share any successes or attempts that you get from these prompts, don’t hesitate to let me know. You can contact me here.

Look for another prompt next Wednesday! Until then, keep writing!



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