Oulipost #5: Tautogram

Today’s Oulipost prompt is to write a Tautogram. We could use words that begin with the same letter of our choosing from our newspaper, and I’m using the Toledo Blade. I wasn’t going to use a common letter like S, but when I ran across one article, I couldn’t resist. To add a little more of a challenge to it – I used two other letters, O & H – and because I wanted to play with the O words and there weren’t as many – and since I use that letter twice in my title – I reversed the order of the original O stanza. So, without further fanfare here is my Tautogram poem, the sources, and the original Oulipost prompt. BTW – if any of you that are following my blog/facebook are attempting any of the Oulipost promptsdon’t hesitate to post your poems in comments – they’d be fun to see!

S.O. OH….


State said:

Strike son season,

state stop short,

same-sex sure strong.

Same-sex states

sports special skies,

Stadium states

sellouts suffered

states seats say so.


Same-sex scorecards

striking statewide sections

soon, spokesman said –

stains, stitches,




Order Ohio out

of of of Ohio,

opening other order.

Old Oklahoma out,

opening over opponents,

our Ohio orange,

only other Ohio

opt out


outside ordering




ordering outside


out opt

only other Ohio,

our orange Ohio,

opponents over opening.

Out Oklahoma! Old

order other opening.

Ohio of of of

Ohio order –



He, his, hers, Hens’

have had hockey –

human hardcore.

Hens huddled,

Hens hunched:


Hens hot,

he’s, he’s hot,

hot hopes here –

honor his, his,

honor Hens.




Blade Staff. “Days limited for same-sex unions ban – judge to strike down parts of Ohio’s law.” Toledo Blade 5 Apr. 2014. Web.

McCray, Vanessa. “Hens rule downtown roost as fans flock for opening day.” Toledo Blade 5 Apr. 2014. Web.

Oulipost Prompt:


Compose a poem whose words — or at least the principal ones — all begin with the same letter. The words must be sourced from your newspaper.


2 thoughts on “Oulipost #5: Tautogram

    • Thank you, Nancy! I’ve been enjoying yours as well. 🙂
      Did you know I’m originally a Hoosier? I moved from Indy to Toledo four years ago. So, I’m enjoying seeing what you come up with from the Indianapolis Star!!!

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