Oulipost #9: Headlines (Variation of Jean Queval’s “Cent Ons”)

Day 9 is full of headlines for the Ouliposters. So the news of the day can certainly set the tone…or not. The rules are pretty simple on this one compared to some of the others; I kept all headlines together in their entirety and only made a line break here or there to make it more “poetic.” Here is my Headlines poem, a nod to the source, and the actual Oulipost prompt:

Ripple Effect

Mud Hens hit splitsville,

Rockets digging in

for spring practice.

Mayor breaks tie,

lobbies state – Gov. Kasich

visits Toledo to tout



Toledo officials defend

JEDZ. Traffic -camera

challenge heads to Ohio

high court, literacy

program goes



Tractor-trailer load spills

out on I-475 ramp.

Life in the safe lane, pump

not primed for summer



Remains found

on Audubon Island.

Something always needs

attention on the farm. Rib-off,

rock and roll return

                               in August –


Wall to wall Walleye,

Mud Hens fans:


looking in.



Blade Staff. Today’s headlines.Toledo Blade 9 Apr. 2014. Web.


Oulipost Prompt:

Headlines (Variations of Jean Queval’s “Cent Ons”)

Compose a poem whose body is sourced from article headlines in your newspaper.


See you tomorrow!


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