Oulipost #17: Haikuisation

Today’s prompt for the Ouliposters was to write haikus from three lines found in our local newspaper articles. Being someone that enjoys writing haikus and senryus this was a welcomed prompt…and because of that I was able to post this one much earlier in the day than I’m used to being able to do! Mine leans more to the senryu since it’s about human interest rather than nature. As I stated elsewhere, I am trying to keep with a Toledo theme for these poems (since it’s only been my home since 2011) and am using the local paper, The Blade. As it happens, this Saturday is April 19th which is 4/19…and makes it our new (as of 2012) annual holiday around here: 419 Day. (419) is our area code in case you were wondering. Luckily, there’s an article in today’s paper about that event and I used it to mine phrases for my senryus (or maybe Americanized haikus these days). Without further ado, my series of poems, the article sourced, (and a BONUS POEM after that!) and the Oulipost prompt:

419 Day Rock(et)s Toledo 

Expect crowds, “Group Hug,”

dial up the date for hoopla,

T-town and beyond


Beloved Mud Hens,

Metroparks, Art, Zoo, Walleye –

We toast Toledo


Celebrate good times

in Toledo and Beyond –

Somebody Loves Me


Our mottos dish it out

Whoot, whoot for in Toledo:

You Will Do Better



Romaker, Janet. “419 Day right around the corner.” Toledo Blade 17 Apr. 2014. B1. Print.


BTW – Rockets = the mascot for the University of Toledo.


Bonus poem taken from a caption to the photo by Lori King, “Closing Shot: Blade Photo of the Week.” Weekender. Toledo Blade 17 Apr. 2014. Print.

Easter Egg Hunt(er)

A Canada goose

first to gather plastic eggs

realized it wasn’t real –



Oulipost Prompt:


The haiku is a Japanese poetic form whose most obvious feature is the division of its 17 syllables into lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. Haikuisation has sometimes been used by Oulipians to indicate the reduction of verses of normal length to lines of haiku-like brevity. Select three sentences from a single newspaper article and “haiku” them.

See you tomorrow!

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