Oulipost #20: Lescurean Permutation (Roussellian)

Today is my twentieth day of Ouliposting and I’m so happy to be keeping up and getting my poems done every day. Before I started, I worried about that with all of my grading and other time commitments. Nevertheless, I generally write everyday anyway, just not with all of the constraints put upon myself…and in a way that has been refreshing to get some new writing done. Today’s prompt was the Lescurean Permutation (Plain), but after writing mine that way it didn’t have the umph that I wanted. I had selected a business article out of The Blade, and I chose four paragraphs to work with out of that article. It almost seemed to fit too well with just a few minor interesting lines/word pairings. So, I looked at some of my fellow Ouliposter’s works and some of them were using a variation of the prompt called Lescurean Permutation (Roussellian) and I tried that with what I had (since I’d numbered all of my nouns in my journal) and I liked it so much better. In addition, I wrote mine in couplets instead of stanzas. I kept the noun order close to perfect 😉 and I took a few creative liberties with tenses. I am posting my poem, my sourced article, and then both Oulipost prompts: L.P. (Plain) and L.P. (Roussellian), in case you want to try them both to see which one you like better. I will also include the link to my fellow Ouliposter’s poems too:

The Future of the City


Chrysler, known for Fiat manufacturing and Fiat Italy

may be here in its earning a station as a clout lot.


The next ways volunteers will community Toledo to a

Italian-American event gathering of beverage sectors


and officials from food seeking energy and city Jeep

examples in Fortune 500 there. List companies?


Because it’s considered the U.S.A. of the centers,

and production is future of the city, and Toledo –


some of the biggest there is [why in the present

Ohio?] located northwest, for opportunities investment.


It’s a very important Italy for biomedical, renewable

business, automotive two-day, host and play, and many


others too. The city has rallied many months. International

in glass to either Toledo or contribute in various autos.



Chavez, Jon. “Local business community to host Italian firms.” Toledo Blade 20 Apr. 2014. G1/G2. Print.

Oulipost prompts:

Lescurean Permutation (Roussellian):

Select a newspaper article or passage from a newspaper article as your source text. The first noun changes place with the last, the second with the next to last, and so forth until you reach the end of your text.

Lescurean Permutation (Plain):

Select a newspaper article or passage from a newspaper article as your source text. Switch the first noun with the second noun, the third noun with the fourth noun, and so on until you’ve reached the end of your text.

See you tomorrow!

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