Oulipost #23: Inventory

Today was my 23rd day of Ouliposting – only one week left! It will sure feel weird when this is over, as I’ve learned so much about my own writing, the local newspaper, and gained new poet friends and followers – all good things to do during National Poetry Month! Today’s prompt was to find an article and take an inventory of the nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, articles, and so on, and then write a poem from those words. I chose an article that had 127 nouns, 72 verbs, 39 adjectives, 27 prepositions, 17adverbs, 13 pronouns, 7 articles, and 5 conjunctions (there may have been at least 10 of each of the last, but some were the same over and over and my eyes were starting to glaze at “the’s” and “and’s.”  I had every intention of using some of all of those inventoried words; however, when I started pulling things together, I decided to go more creative and rogue – and I only used 25 nouns and 5 verbs to come up with a poem that contains 10 poems – 5 down and 5 across (I hope WordPress allows it to stay in the correct format!). Below you will find my Inventory poem, my sourced article, the Oulipost prompt, and the link to my fellow Ouliposter’s poems:

Terrified Bees Cross(words)

      V                     N1                     N2               N3               N4                 N5

Provide           Honeybees           Flowers         Host:          Native          Species

Declining        Bumblebees          plant             stress:         pests          population

Terrified             Bees                  hotels           hives:           drop            losses

Reducing:         supplies              instant         habitat:         piles             foraged

Vanished           food                  gardens         sumac         grains         wildflowers



Fosdick, Dean. “Bee-friendly garden can help struggling species.” Toledo Blade 23 Apr. 2014. Web.

Oulipost prompt:


Inventory is a method of analysis and classification that consists of isolating and listing the vocabulary of a pre-existing work according to parts of speech. Choose a newspaper article or passage from a newspaper article and “inventory” the nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, articles, etc. Bonus points for creative presentation of your final lists.

Link to other Ouliposter’s poems:


See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Oulipost #23: Inventory

  1. “I chose an article that had 127 nouns, 72 verbs, 39 adjectives, 27 prepositions, 17adverbs, 13 pronouns, 7 articles, and 5 conjunctions” During finals week. Now I know you’re a masochist. A brilliant masochist, but a masochist all the same. 😉

    • I know, I took waaay too much time counting those out…and then I gave up and just went with what I did, but in a way, I liked it…at least the concept. Now maybe I’ll go back in and add some adjectives after the project is over. 😉 Me, a masochist? LOL!

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