Oulipost #24: Homosyntaxism

Today’s 24th Oulipost prompt is a little tamer that it sounds. 😉  I’m posting early today as I don’t have as much time to spend on this one, and luckily the prompt cooperated. I had a couple of choices on how to use this prompt and I went with Option #1 (the prompt will follow below) where I chose from the Toledo Blade and then I could write as many homosyntaxisms as I could. I only wrote five and made them into one…sorta cohesive poem. If I had more time, I probably would have gone with Option # 2 and really piled it on myself. Nevertheless, below you will find my Homosyntaxism poem (my poem includes an article, noun, noun, verb, noun, adverb in each line – as that is what was in the original sentence), the original sentence and the source, other sources used, the Oulipost prompt, and the link to other Ouliposter’s poems from today:

Toledo Pitches Visits

The Mud Hens hammered pitcher out,

A Wednesday Tiger threw ball in,

The bullpen coach walked seven straight,

An immortal director loaded dancers passively,

A French exhibit flavored art grateful,

The world stars touch Toledo united.


Sentence sourced:

“The two dogs have understudies too.”

Sentence source:

Brickley, Sue. “4 legged actors will add to the fun at BGSU.” Toledo Blade 24 Apr. 2014. Web.


Baird, Kirk. “With Cirque du Soleil, Michael Jackson lives on.” Toledo Blade 24 Apr. 2014. Web.

Troy, Tom. “French Ambassador visits area, lauds exhibit at Toledo Museum.” Toledo Blade 24 Apr. 2014. Web.

Wagner, John. “Mud Hens pitcher a Ray of sunshine.” Toledo Blade 24 Apr. 2014. Web.


Oulipost prompt:


Homosyntaxism is a method of translation that preserves only the syntactic order of the original words. To give a rudimentary example, if N=noun, V=verb and A=adjective, the outline NVA could yield solutions such as “The day turned cold,” “Violets are blue,” “An Oulipian! Be wary!”)

Option 1: Choose a sentence from your newspaper source text and write as many homosyntaxisms as possible based on that same variation.

Option 2: Complete a homosyntaxism of an entire paragraph or article found in your text.

Link to other Ouliposter’s poems:


See you tomorrow!




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