Oulipost #28: Melting Snowball

Wow! Only two more days of Ouliposting after this. It’s sure going to feel weird not to be doing these everyday. However, anyone that knows me, knows I write everyday anyway, so that won’t change! I’m happy today’s prompt cooperated with me again, as it was one that I was able to come up with relatively fast. I needed one that fell into place pretty easily since I won’t be back at my computer until late tonight. I’ve not missed a day yet of posting on time, and getting this close to the end of the project I didn’t want to ruin my record! Today’s prompt is a Melting Snowball. Earlier in the month was a Snowball – where you start with one letter and add one until you don’t have any words that are any longer than the previous one to use. These words are, of course, sourced out of the local newspaper. It makes sense, then, that the Melting Snowball takes away one letter each time until left with only one. My article, from The Blade, jumped out at me this morning, and counting the words in my Virgo-ized organized way certainly helped. I found one that had two fourteen letter words, two thirteen, and then kept going. Once I had my list of available words, I started putting together what seemed to make an interesting poem. So, below you will find my Melting Snowball poem, the article I used, the Oulipost prompt, and a link to my fellow Ouliposter’s poems:

Potentially Saved Dogs
















Mester, Alexandra. “More food guarders killed than saved.” Toledo Blade 28 Apr. 2014. Web.

Oulipost prompt:

Melting Snowball

A text in which each word has one letter less than the preceding one, and the last word only one letter. From your newspaper, select a starting word, and then continue adding words of decreasing length from the same source article or passage. Challenge yourself further by only using words in order as you encounter them in the text.

Link to read other Ouliposter’s poems:


See you tomorrow!



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