Oulipost #30: Patchwork Quilt

Day 30. I made it. A poem everyday, composed from the Toledo Blade guided by an Oulipo prompt each day. When I started out, I had no idea what was going to happen. I keep so busy with teaching and all sorts of other writing and art commitments, that I was afraid I wouldn’t have time and this would go by the wayside. But I found that doing this became something I needed to do. It was not a burden – not any of the days this month, no matter if I was visiting family and friends in Indiana, participating in poetry readings for National Poetry Month, grading, socializing with friends, and meeting someone new. There was room for it all. I gained a lot, and I will write about that on this blog soon. For today, I’m going to present you with my last poem as one of the National Poetry Month 2014 “Official Ouliposters,”one of the 67 poets from around the world (sponsored by The Found Poetry Review) that got to participate this year and I was fortunate enough to come to know over this month. Today, in our final prompt, we were asked to do a Patchwork Quilt. A poem that compiles lines and words from every poem we’ve written this month. What I did was just go through each day and select one, sometimes two lines, from each poem and on the “Snowball” days at least two to three words from those – to compose my poem. It was interesting to see how even though I felt I was working on “Toledo” poems, several other themes came shining through more than I thought!

Without further ado, here is my Patchwork Quilt poem, a nod to the Toledo Blade, the final Oulipost prompt, and a link to read my fellow Ouliposter’s Patchwork Quilt poems:

Fairy Godmothers Are Still Making Their Magic

People are getting excited about new things.

If us, spring 2014:

To express in words, to hold within.

Spring games draw crowds

out; same-sex sure strong – human hardcore –

beyond the bold haiku of the twerk.

“Give me everything you got.”

Come on casino, chime.

Something always needs attention on the farm.

I do.


Better sex, tell her never rest.

Fortunately, fairy godmothers are still making their magic tone,

to mate another year –

circus cynic’s competition, fire-eating crisis intervention.

Same-sex crisis over, same-sex save,


and a surprising season of fresh adoptions.

Celebrate good times, expect crowds, “group hug.”


A no na = doom: pi pun,

I wish for a better world, but I also did the meaningless arithmetic.

We need inspirational storytelling to reward character’s snooping.

Host and play the next volunteers.

Developed a little reputation?

Those are passions I’d like to take with me,

solutions to the straight unwise:

declining species, vanished.

A French exhibit flavored art grateful

at a ‘show cause’ hearing – a happy day.

That’s the future.

It makes it easier, especially when love is in the air

fostering a creative rehabilitation.

Everything and anything can grow here.

Sometimes you can taste something and

just fall in love.



All lines/words in this poem came from various authors listed elsewhere on my blog the Toledo Blade. April 1-29, 2014.

Oulipost prompt:

Patchwork Quilt

Conclude the project by writing a poem that incorporates words and lines from all of your past 29 poems.

A link to my fellow Ouliposter’s poems from today:


See you soon….





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