Writing Prompt Pit Stop: Prompting Again!

Welcome to Writing Prompt Pit Stop! It’s Wednesday, and that means another excursion into some writing prompt that I decide sounds like fun this week. As most know, I was posting a poem a day here last month during National Poetry Month, and whether you followed along or not, there were plenty of prompts provided there following each of my Oulipost poems. Nevertheless, some of you might enjoy more “conventional” prompts, so we’ll do a little of that here too, but from time to time I will toss out an opportunity to experiment with writing “found” poetry or prose, or just writing to some photo that I’ve taken and decide might create a good jumping off point to a story, an essay, or a poem. Today, we’re going to ease back into the prompts and make it a simple one.

Here’s something that I think is an interesting prompt to explore. Do you ever feel like you see yourself differently than others seem to? For example, do you think you’re more fun-loving and silly, and then you have others tell you that they see you as more serious and rigid? Do you see yourself as shy and reserved, and others see you as confident and outgoing? The list can go on and on.

What I’m thinking is that you can easily turn those ideas into a poem, have a character that is going through similar questioning or some revelation about themselves, or write a creative nonfiction essay about your own experience when someone sees you as someone you’re not.

Enjoy exploring this idea, and if you want to share your musings you post them in the comment section or send me an email at: lylanne22@yahoo.com

See you next Wednesday!!

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Pit Stop: Prompting Again!

  1. Hi Lylanne, an interesting prompt and fun to work with 🙂 I chose to use the words and phrases from the post itself to compose the poem.

    Pit Stop

    an opportunity to experiment –
    a character questioning,
    here exploring ‘musings’
    a good jumping off point
    do a little of that here,
    some photo that I’ve taken
    (a story)
    am I a story?
    fun-loving and silly,
    confident and outgoing
    serious and rigid,
    shy and reserved
    the list can go on and on
    my own experience
    a poem to explore.


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