Writing Prompt Pit Stop: Summer Daze Redux

Welcome to Writing Prompt Pit Stop! Well, another summer semester is drawing to a close, and in a mere few weeks another fall semester begins. Last week I wrote about how much I’m enjoying this summer, and I still am. I just don’t know why the summer season seems to fly by faster than any other – even though autumn is actually my favorite season of the year. I’m just worried with as cool as it’s been this summer (only three 90 degree days so far here in Toledo…yet, I’m not complaining about that! Ha!) that our winter will be another like the past one…and, ugh, well I wrote about that winter way too often. So let’s think of good, positive things such as more warm days, more days out on the patios, more relaxing times than taxing times, and more times with friends and loved ones.

I feel that there’s plenty of things that we haven’t tapped into when it comes to summer and writing about the things we like about this season, or about some of our favorite memories, or the opposite, and because of that I’m going to add on to the prompts I gave last Wednesday and keep the summer fling going. So in this, my 50th Writing Prompt Pit Stop entry, I’m going to encourage you to explore some more summer season ideas, and give you another image to work with:

“Summer Daze Redux!”


Frog at Wildwood Metropark

1) Frogs have been having a banner summer around these parts. I’ve seen more frogs in the pond at Toledo’s Wildwood Metropark than I’ve seen there before, and when I went to Indiana last weekend to be with family, at their pond there were tons of bullfrogs calling out in the evening. I’ve even painted a few pictures of frogs this summer! So, from this photo I took at Wildwood Metropark, maybe it will inspire you to write about some memory involving a frog, or will inspire you to write a poem about this particular one. Remember the lyric “Jeremiah was a bullfrog…” from “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night? Maybe there’s a memory or a story there. Have you ever read Annie Dillard‘s Creative Nonfiction “The Giant Waterbug”? If not, you should…it’s an excellent example of imagery and how, if written well, those images will stick with you…for better or worse. You won’t forget the frog in that essay…. Have you ever eaten frog legs? I haven’t. I’m not sure I ever will, but I have friends and family that have and love them…see, there are stories and poems everywhere.

2) Last week I suggested to write about the sounds of summer (did you write about frogs?), so this time around let’s concentrate on the tastes of summer. How about all of those grand veggies from the garden or the local farmer’s market? What are your favorites? How do you prepare them? What do you wait all year for to eat at the State Fair or other festival? Have you ever got the taste of bug spray in your mouth? What’s some other tastes of summer you can think of, good or bad? Make a list of them…then choose what interests you most and write on that for 10 minutes or until you exhaust your subject.

3) Write about your favorite song from any summer. There are times that songs sort of get ingrained into your mind during a specific summer, and we all know that music can take us back to a specific place or person. What song brings back your favorite summer memory? Your worst?

4) Write on any or all of these prompts for, yes, 10 min. each or until you exhaust the subject. Then once you have something on the page – decide if you can make a poem out of it; maybe there’s a story there, or an essay. Once you write that out, then revise it – share it here in comments if you wish.

Keep writing!

See you next Wednesday

7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Pit Stop: Summer Daze Redux

  1. Hi Lylanne, the poem ‘Along The Edge’ is composed of words taken and rearranged from ‘The Giant Water Bug’ by Annie Dillard.


    Along The Edge

    Along the edge of the island’s winter-killed grass
    A shadow hung in the water
    I couldn’t catch my breath
    The victim’s body; unrecognizable.


    Lewis 🙂

  2. The poem ‘Drink’ is composed of words taken – and shuffled around – from the lyrics of ‘Joy to the World’ by Three Dog Night.



    Drink to a good friend of mine,
    High flier
    Singing mighty fine;
    Sweet world always a joy to me.


    Lewis : )

    • Lewis, Ah, the good ole “Joy to the World” song. That doesn’t take me back to any particular summer but rather my art class in high school! I guess I should write on that sometime! LOL! I “hear” their lyrics in your new poem. I like what you have here, but feel like there’s maybe one more line? It ends without leaving with as much as what it begins with. Does that make sense? I do see that you’re compiling quite a few of these new short poems…are you going to make them into a collection or anything? Maybe see if there are any themes that come around? 🙂

      • Hi Lylanne, I think writing about the experiences in your high school art class would be interesting; a reflection on some of your influences.

        I do see what you mean about the poem ‘Drink.’ I will take another look at the original song lyrics ‘Joy to the world’, maybe another line could be added to the above poem (as you know, there aren’t that many different words in the lyric, so this may prove to be difficult. This is not an excuse, after all, that’s the fun of working with the constraint of trying to find/create a poem from another piece of writing.)

        The last line of the poem – Sweet world always a joy to me – was meant to bring the previous 3 lines together in the sense that the friend being asked to drink to was the World itself. However, I will keep in mind your suggestion to end a piece with as much as it began with – an excellent reminder – thank you, Lylanne 🙂

        I have been thinking about putting a collection of poems together but I have no idea about what! Recently, (as you know) I burnt all of my – more than twenty years worth – journals and note books containing hundreds of poems and even more ‘stray’ lines – no regrets. If you have any ideas as to a theme for a collection please let me know.


        ‘Another Summer’ composed from the words of this week’s post –

        Another Summer

        Another summer is drawing to a close,
        the season seems to fly by faster than any other.
        There’s plenty of things that we haven’t tapped into;
        concentrate on the festival of summer.

        Sounds, tastes, imagery.

        Lewis 🙂

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