Writing Prompt Pit Stop: PoMoSco Challenge #1 Pick & Mix

Welcome to Writing Prompt Pit Stop! So, here we are in April, and that means it’s National Poetry Month! If you followed along with me last year, you will remember that I participated in The Found Poetry Review‘s Oulipost Project – where I posted a poem here a day for all 30 days of April. Well, I will be posting a poem a day all month again for a The Found Poetry Review Project 2015. This time it is PoMoSco, which stands for Poetry Month Scout, but you will have to read my poems on the official PoMoSco site, and while you’re there, maybe you can check out some of my fellow Poetry Scouts. With this project I will be writing along with 213 other “scouts” representing 43 states and 12 countries to earn digital merit badges for completing experimental and found poetry prompts.

If you care to follow along, or at least find easy access to which badge I’m attempting, this will be an easy place to keep track as you can click on my PoMoSco and read the poem after seeing what the prompt was here on my blog. In addition, it will make it easy for those of you who want to try some of these prompts on your own, just as you could last year.

So Day 1 PoMoSco Prompt is Pick & Mix:

To earn the Pick & Mix badge, begin by selecting a source text of your choice.  Browse through a selection of your text, copying down words and phrases that interest you. Craft a poem using only words you found in the text, arranging them in any order you choose.

Credit your source text at the bottom of your post.

The Found Poetry Review. PoMoSco. Prompt 1. 1 Apr 2015.

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