Writing Prompt Pit Stop: PoMoSco #8 Redacted

Welcome to Writing Prompt Pit Stop! We keep steam rolling through National Poetry Month…well, really we’re only 8 days in, but the PoMoSco prompts are keeping me busy along with my 11 writing classes that I’m juggling right at this moment. But poetry, poetry is what keeps me going and gives me some sanity (believe it or not with all of the constraints in these prompts!). For today’s prompt we were asked to do another Erasure poem, but this time using a black-out tool (info on how to do this is within the actual prompt below). I found this one pretty simple to do, but I know some other scouts were having technical difficulties. If all else fails, and technology is not your friend…just go for a Sharpie! Anyway, I did follow through with the black-out tool and the screenshot for my redacted poem, “Holiday: A Singer Beyond Understanding,” found here. This was taken from an article on the occasion of celebrating 100 years of Billie Holiday.

Here is the Day 8 prompt, Redacted:

Visit http://www.erasures.org and follow the directions to drag the blackout icon to your tool bar. From there, navigate to a website or other source text. Click on the blackout icon to activate the tool, then use your mouse to highlight words on the screen. As you highlight sections and release your mouse, you will see a black bar appear over them, digitally blacking them out. Leave only the words that comprise your poem exposed.

Take a screenshot(s) of your finished product and post it to the site. To learn how to take a screenshot based on your operating system, visit http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/.

The Found Poetry Review. PoMoSco. Prompt 8. 8 Apr 2015.

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