Writing Prompt Pit Stop: PoMoSco # 9 X:Y

Welcome to Writing Prompt Pit Stop! So, I did get my day # 9 poem posted on the PoMoSco site on time yesterday, but I didn’t have a chance to post this blog with the poem and prompt too. So I’m posting it now, as it’s better late than never! This was a fun “Conceptual” prompt where you were to use one source and then mine it for similar word pairings, I liked what I came up with…which was a poem that reads three different ways, across and down, or as two separate poems in the two columns. You’ll have to see if you agree that it works. Here is my X:Y poem: “Huge Force.”

Here is the Day 9 prompt, X:Y:

Choose a syntactical relationship between words within a given text — look for patterns in how words are joined by punctuation or conjunctions, or how sentences are structured. Examples of syntactical relationships:

  • “wine and cheese,” “man and wife,” “fear and  loathing”
  • “this or that,” “him or me,” “wine or beer”
  • “The stove was hot.” “The room was silent.” “The table was dusty.”
  • “the wind blowing,” “the birds chirping,” “the mower whirring”

Choose a syntactical pattern, and go through your source text, making a list of all phrases and fragments that fit the pattern. Create a poem from your list.

The Found Poetry Review. PoMoSco. Prompt 9. 9 Apr 2015.

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