Writing Prompt Pit Stop: PoMoSco # 18 Open Book

Welcome to Writing Stop Pit Stop! Here we are at day 18 of National Poetry Month already! Today was the prompt where we find a book, open it to two pages and then select words and phrases that we want to use, but as with all PoMoSco prompts, there’s a constraint with that! So, the prompt is found below. In the meantime, I had a great time with this as I opened up a book I own about Georgia O’Keefe and the words that jumped out were pretty racy…and fun to work with. I went with it and let the words and phrases I found lead me. I enjoyed writing this poem, and I guess we’ll see if anyone else likes it. Here’s my poem, “Bare Abstract.” Enjoy!

Here is the day 18 prompt, Open Book:

Choose a book or magazine as your source text. Select a two-page spread, scan through the text, and copy down any interesting words and phrases in the order you encounter them on the page.

When you’ve finished, write a poem using only these words and phrases without changing their order. No non-found words may be included in your poem. Poems should be presented in type, similar to a standard poem, and not contain additional visual elements or emphasis (you’ll do that for other badges).

The Found Poetry Review. PoMoSco. Prompt 18. 18 Apr 2015.

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