Writing Prompt Pit Stop: No NaNoWriMo

It’s been way too long since I’ve blogged on my own site, but since it’s November and officially NaNoWriMo I thought the least I could do is post something even if I’m not an official participant this year. I have been a winner in the past, but I’ve got too many irons in the fire to attempt to write a novel and to worry about the word count that I’d have to commit to to keep up with all that writing madness. However, as someone that loves challenges it’s hard not to attempt something. So, I’m posting here on my blog to keep at least a smaller commitment than a novel. In April, I do write a poem a day, but I’m not sure that I can even do that this month with 10 writing classes to teach and grade…so what I’m going to shoot for is this: at least 16 poems that can be revised into a chapbook when I’m done, or add to some other manuscripts that I’m working towards. And, I’ve committed to write three short plays before Dec. 31st, and if I can get one or two of those knocked out by the end of this month, I’d be happy. If nothing else, I’m at least planning to get on here and at least write a post a week…and hey…that’s more than I’ve done here since last spring! If anyone wants to at least write more than they’re writing now, I encourage you to follow along.

Here are a few prompts to get some writing going:

  1. In your daybook write about not having enough time. Maybe it’s not having enough time during the day, maybe it’s not having enough time to relax, or maybe it’s trying to squeeze too many tasks into one hour. What if you’re a procrastinator? What’s your excuse(s)?
  2. Write about your favorite painting. If you don’t have one, go to a museum, find a painting that draws you to it and write about it. If you write a poem check out Ekphrastic Poems.
  3. Write about a food that you hate. Describe it in all of it’s distaste.
  4. Use these three words in what you write: Green/poetry/Egg

As I’ve stated here on Writing Prompt Pit Stop before (and need to remember myself) all you need to do is sit down and write for 10 minutes and you’ll have at least something to work with later on. Get something on the page – and that’s a start. Just like this blog is a start for me on this 1st day of November.

If you get anything that you want to share, you can always share it in comments below, or contact me: lylanne[at]lylanne.com

See you in a week! Don’t forget to keep writing!


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