NaPoWriMo #4 – Cruelest Month

Welcome to Writing Prompt Pit Stop! It’s Day 4 of NaPoWriMo already, and I’m still hanging in there. I’m also still following along with the prompts that the NaPoWriMo site is providing. I figure when they’re prompts that inspire something – why look elsewhere? Besides, even if I wanted to look elsewhere, I don’t have time to write to every prompt at this moment…but maybe eventually, I’ll find some to try later on when grading is a little less hectic…I digress. Anyway, the prompt I followed today was to write a poem about “the cruelest month,” and I could say there are a lot that could qualify – but I did settle on one that I could live with – and it is right up there with the cruelest of them all. So, I will post my poem, “The Most Woeful Month,” and then the actual prompt directly after. Enjoy!

The Most Woeful Month

The best is not always saved
for last as December proves
what an unusually cruel month
it can be. Yes, it boasts joy-

fully Christ’s birth, yet charity
and goodwill, are given less
and less, as masses worship
24-hour marketing overkill.

The darkest days arrive, winter
homes here, no surprise –
cuts us short with December solstice.
But it’s the loss that marks the mood:

the month is mean; it’s the end –
the deaths of my grandma on Christmas
Eve eve when I was 12, my beloved
18-year-old cat, the same date, many

many years later. The month I lost
a close aunt to the big C; all catalysts
for me not to see the 12th month
through twinkling bright, idealistic eyes.

Here is prompt # 4 from NaPoWriMo:

In his poem “The Waste Land,” T.S. Eliot famously declared that “April is the cruelest month.” But is it? I’d have thought February. Today I challenge you to write a poem in which you explore what you think is the cruelest month, and why. Perhaps it’s September, because kids have to go back to school. Or January, because the holidays are over and now you’re up to your neck in snow. Or maybe it’s a month most people wouldn’t think of (like April), but which you think of because of something that’s happened in your life.

If you get anything that you’d like to share – post in the comments below!

Keep writing!


6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo #4 – Cruelest Month

  1. It’s a good poem….I know when you are young and the old folks repeat every christmas that so and so is not here, you get bored of it but then as you get older you understand….the empty chair is the loudest.

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