NaPoWriMo #6 – Food

Welcome to Writing Prompt Pit Stop! Here we are at Day 6 of NaPoWriMo and the challenge today was to write a poem about food. Now, that’s a deep and tasty subject. I was going to write a lot longer poem, but again am running short on time. So, I liked writing the Lune form poem on Day 1 and decided to go with another here – using 5 words, 3 words, and 5 words again. I chose one of my all time favorite foods from childhood till now. So, following is my poem “My Favorite Food,” and then the prompt is directly after. Enjoy!

My Favorite Food

Aroma eats away my willpower,
entices with slices,
pepperoni, cheese: pizza, everyday please.

The Day 6 prompt:

Write a poem about food. This could be a poem about a particular food, or about your relationship to food in general. Or it could simply be a poem relating an incident that involves food, like David Ignatow’s “The Bagel”. Still not convinced? Perhaps these thirteen food poems will give you some inspiration.

If you get something that you want to share, feel free to post in comments below!

Keep writing!


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