NaPoWriMo #19 – A Cool Poem

Welcome to Writing Prompt Pit Stop! It’s Day 19 of NaPoWriMo, and we’re edging even closer to the end of the month. Tonight, I’m making this short and simple – since I’m fighting some kind of sinus thingy, which sucks since I’m at the end of the semester and have tons of things to do, and I’m missing out on other cool things I was supposed to be doing as well. Anyway, that’s life. Today, I again used the April PAD Challenge prompt and wrote “a cool poem,” but my judgment is a bit hazy…so maybe it’s not as cool as I think! LOL! Here’s my poem, “Winds of Change,” the prompt used, and the napowrimo prompt after that. Enjoy!

Winds of Change

Hush, listen to the autumn leaves
whirring in a spiral as if spinning
their own stairway to heaven –
an October portal to glorious days,
warm afternoons and sweatshirt evenings,
painted with a palette of ochre and sienna,
splashes of red and rife with oddities –
as if a cruel test using Justin Bieber
to access Baby Boomer’s memories,
ensuring against Alzheimer’s.
A test they’re sure to fail, remembering
better days with Ricky Nelson, The Beatles,
and Bob Dylan, idols that didn’t collect
in the gutter when their whirlwind celebrity
blew down the long and winding road.

Day 19 PAD Challenge prompt:

For today’s prompt, take on one (or both) of the following prompts:

  • Write a cool poem. Or…
  • Write a uncool poem.

Day 19 napowrimo prompt:

Many years ago, “didactic” poetry was very common – in other words, poetry that explicitly sought to instruct the reader in some kind of skill or knowledge, whether moral, philosophical, or practical. Today, I’d like to challenge you to write the latter kind of “how to” poem – a didactic poem that focuses on a practical skill. Hopefully, you’ll be able to weave the concrete details of the action into a compelling verse. Also, your “practical” skill could be somewhat mythological, imaginary, or funny, like “How to Capture a Mermaid” or “How to Get Your Teenager to Take Out the Garbage When He Is Supposed To.”

Keep writing!


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