Welcoming 2020! A New Year, A New Look!

I don’t know how others feel about it, but writing 2020 is pretty surreal. Of course, I’m old enough that reaching 1984 was stunning (and now we’re living it – with Big Brother everywhere, among other things), and then it was 1999 – the year we were all going to party like, because Prince was so cool (and now, Prince is no longer with us). For me, 2006 was another milestone year. It was the year I graduated with my master’s degree, and turned 50 all at once. Now, the next major year will be 2024 for me (and not because it’s an election year) because it will be 50 years since I graduated high school! 1974, where did you go? Anyway, with each year, if we’re lucky, we all get older. And, as they say, aging is not for sissy’s! However, I do feel lucky as my only complaint is my lower back pain, and it’s not every day, but some days I do feel like I must be 90…as slow as I get up out of a chair. The problem is – I don’t feel my age, and that seems to be something that happens when we all reach a certain age. So, you younguns can say “Ok, Boomer!” all you like – but it is true, and someday you will be talking about your aches and pains with friends and you’ll also begin wondering why the youth think you’re so “far out” there in la la land. LOL! Also, I am a “Boomer” and I’ll admit it. Nevertheless, I also am not as old as, say, a lot of presidential candidates who are not Boomer’s but get called that all the time. I’ll give them the president is a Boomer, but right at the very beginning. Goes to show, labels are not a way to lump everyone together. You’d think with all the technology that people could look up information and find out those facts, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

With that all said, you will notice (if you’ve followed me over the years) that my blog is not just Writing Prompt Pit Stop anymore. I have added other things to this site as my “hub” in 2020, but I will always leave you with at least one or two prompts – just for the fun of it – if that’s what you originally followed me for. I will begin blogging here about things that interest me, and of course, writing is a big interest, but also about art, and theatre. I may share things that are going on in the world, I may choose to write a book review, I may choose to interview somebody in the arts, but the main thing is – I’m changing it up. It’s a new year, it’s a new decade! I’m getting too old not to write and do what I want…which could mean I’ve finally turned into an “old codger” or it could mean that I’m keeping myself young, engaged, and hoping to do the same for others along the way.

I hope you join me as I make new discoveries this year! Don’t forget to check out the new page headings above which include: Home (where you are now), About, Contact, Plays, Poetry, Poetry Sisters, Visual Arts, and Writing Prompts. I will also add new things there as they come along. For those of you that would like a writing prompt or two (or three!), here you go:

1. No matter your age, you’re older than you were last year. Write what you like about being the age you are now. What would you tell younger people about what it’s like to be your age? What scares you about getting older? Do you fear death? Why or why not?

2. I made reference to 1984, and 1999, which are titles of the novel by Orwell and of the song by Prince. Can you write a poem or story that is devoted to a year in the future? Maybe you want to journal about something that happened to you in one of those years. Something could come of that…you know?

3. Maybe I brought up something you want to challenge or that you made a connection with. Maybe you don’t like the term “OK, Boomer!” Maybe you’re someone who says it all the time. Write your feelings down! Write for 10 minutes on whatever it is…and then see if you want to continue it into a story, a poem, or a short play. Go for it!

I hope you enjoy the new look, I hope you enjoyed the prompts, and I hope you will pay a visit again. If you feel like it, leave a comment or contact me directly.

Keep writing and creating!