Hello, my name is Lylanne Musselman, and I love to write poetry and create visual art. In addition, I love to write and direct plays. I write every day in my daybook/journal: a seed for a new poem or revising older poems, or ideas for plays. I enjoy sharing my passion for writing by facilitating a writing group once a month, wherever I live (I’ve facilitated groups in Indianapolis, IN, Toledo, OH, & Temperance, MI.), as well as teaching creative writing and composition classes at Ivy Tech Community College; so, as you can see I’m really involved with writing and helping others that enjoy writing or want to learn how…I also offer writing and art workshops on my own as well. Interested? Contact me. Info below and under the contact menu.

I started reading poetry early in life and wrote it all through junior high. Then for some reason, I stopped writing and didn’t pick it up again for over 20 years! However, once  I picked it up again, went back to college and received my English degrees with an emphasis in Creative Writing (my bachelors from Ball State University, and my masters from the University of Indianapolis), I’ve had great success with awards, and publications in plenty of literary journals such as Pank, Tipton Poetry Journal, Bird’s Eye reView, Poetry Breakfast, and New Verse News, among others, and many literary anthologies; I read my work around the Midwest, I’ve judged poetry competitions, and I have five chapbooks to my name: Prickly Beer and Purple Panties (Bacon Tree Press, 2007), A Charm Bracelet For Cruising (Winged City Press, 2009), Winged Graffiti (Finishing Line Press, 2011), Weathering Under the Cat, (Finishing Line Press, 2016) and Red Mare 16 (Pink House Literary Arts, 2018); I’ve co-authored a book, Company of Women: New and Selected Poems (Chatter House Press, 2013), and my own book, It’s Not Love, Unfortunately (Chatter House Press, 2018).

If you’d like to see some of my art check out the Visual Art menu above, and see where I might be reading poetry near you be sure to check out the Poetry and Poetry Sisters link above or contact me. I welcome any comments that you may have at any time. I look forward to hearing stories about your writing achievements as well! Don’t hesitate to contact me at lylanne22@yahoo.com

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